The Fall tag 2014

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Now that its November, there are even more of these tags going around, so here’s another! It’s a pretty short tag, and if you do it, make sure to let me know so I can read your answers!


Favourite thing about Autumn?
My favorite thing about autumn is that it starts to get cold. The air is crisp, and if we’re lucky we get the first snow fall of the year sometime in November!


Go to makeup product during Autumn?
My favourite thing makeup wise in autumn is just getting back to wearing a full face of makeup, including blush and bronzer and a full foundation. I also absolutely adore wearing my deep red lips again!


Favourite food/drink during Autumn?
I’m a huge fan of peppermint mochas, and other fun seasonal drinks, but for food I loveeee scalloped potatoes and my moms roasts!


Favourite shop throughout Autumn?
I tend to change where I shop every year or so, but right now I’m so in love with Old Navy! Their summer collection was so cute, and I’m in love with their fall line even more! The plaids and the waffle tops?? Yes please!


Favourite Autumn scent?
I cant smell! But I’m sure I would love all of the seasonal bath and body works candles!


One word that sums up Autumn for you?


Favourite item of clothing during Autumn?
Big chunky knit scarves! They’re beyond cozy and are so comfortable to nuzzle up in when I’m on the bus in the morning!


Inside or outside during Autumn?
Though I do spend most of my time inside, I love the outdoors. When it’s not raining in Vancouver, the air is perfect and I love going on walks and experiencing the city.

Please pleaseeee let me know if you do the tag so I can read your answers!

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October Instagrams

October has never been one of my favourite months of the year, but this October wasn’t too bad!  It was a little cold, but overall I had a great time being friends and school went well!

I was inspired to do a post on my instagrams throughout the month of October by Class to Closet!  These aren’t all of the Instagram’s I took, but the ones I want to share! Here is my instagram so make sure to go to follow me!


Now that we’re so close to the end of the year, I took a look at my moleskine journal and realized I hadn’t been journaling nearly enough as I would like.  So I’ve been making an effort to journal more!


This past month I also totally embraced my Starbucks addiction – a member since 2009 and I just embraced it?  Okay maybe I have a problem.


I totally need to start showing off my outfits on instagram more, but I’m finding it hard to find good angles. I’ve ordered a tripod, so hopefully that changes!


I’ve finally got my licence, so I can drive myself to class, and I’ve also already gotten addicted to taking tons of pictures and selfies in it!


And of course I was beyond excited to open up a new month in my Kate Spade agenda!

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment 🙂


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Nail Rehab.

I’m a huge nail polish person.  I love doing my nails different colours, I love getting my impress press on nails, and I absolutely love getting manicures!  But for a few months now my nails have been brittle and chipping like crazy!  Not just the polish, but the tips of my nails are so unhealthy they’ve ben peeling!  It’s been a real problem lately, so I decided to start a little ‘nail rehab’.


I’m going to go a month without any nail polish or nail applications, and see how it goes!  I want let my nails breath so they can (hopefully!) grow out and return to their once he althy selves! I’m going to make an effort to moisturize my hands, cuticles, and nails on a regular basis, and even look into a special nail oil!  I miss having my long, strong, and classy finger nails so much, and I am willing to wait to get them back!


These were my nails when I was in Mexico, and I was getting so many compliments on them!  100% real, and the french manicure was done by myself.  Definitely an accomplishment in my books!


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November and Halloween.


I can’t believe it’s already November again!  It’s finally acceptable to be decorating for christmas, Red cups are back, and it’s the final stretch before the new year! November is my favourite month of the year, and it has been for a few years now.  Every year it brings something completely different to my life, and I’m looking forward to see how this year goes!


Student Hack – Late Night Makeup Remover

As a student I find myself sitting at my desk until 3am finishing assignments or cramming for exams, and one thing that I really don’t want to deal with at 3am is taking off my makeup. I like taking off my makeup earlier on because I tend to scratch and rub and just touch my face a lot when I’m working, and makeup gets in the way. But of course whenever I think I should take my makeup off, I’m in a super deep flow of concentration, so I put it off, because I don’t like getting up and disrupting the flow.  And bioderma is my solution to this problem.


Image from Cynthia Lions, found through pinterest


Just do it – Running Goals

I’ve always wished I could be a runner.  Lacing up those Nike Frees, playing a perfectly set up playlist, and hitting the pavement for 30+ minutes.  So I decided to become a runner.

This picture was taken a while ago, and those are my Nike frees! I’m also sporting my favourite running accessory – my polar watch! (1.7miles is about 2.7km)