Senior Year

The end of the first term of my grade 12 year is next Friday. After that, I will have 6 more months of high school left. This terrifies me. A lot. But it also is extremely exciting. I’m terrified about the fact that I might not get into the school that I want to go to, and I’ll be stuck going somewhere else or nowhere at all. But I’m also so excited for the plans that I’ve made if I do get accepted. One of my best friends, Christine, is also applying for the same school and we’ve both got our hearts set on that school. It has a really highly recognized interior design program for her, and they have a specialized journalism program for yours truly. We have a plan to get part time jobs, and rent a two bedroom apartment near the school. We’ll be broke university students! Living off of Kraft Dinner and complaining about work and school. It’s going to be awesome. Except for the fact that both Christine and I are very thrifty people, so we believe that we’ll be okay.

So going back to that whole “terrified about not getting into school” thing. I’m terrified about not getting into school. I’ve been applying myself so much and working really hard. The only thing that really worries me about grades and my classes is that two of them are online, so I’m not 100% sure that they’ll appear on my transcript. Enough worrying for now.



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