My body handles stress in a pretty good way, but I have a bad habit of pushing myself too far and completely destroying myself.

The first signs that I’ll notice is that I’ll be biting the inside of my cheek, or I’ll have my jaw clenched.  Two weeks I started to notice I was doing those things.  The next sort of ‘step’ that my body starts to do when I’m stressed is headaches.  Pretty self explanatory.  The entirety of last week I was popping advils to keep those at bay.  And then finally, sleep.  I’ll go to bed one day, and then I won’t be able to wake up.  And today, I woke up at 3pm after going to bed at 10pm.  Yeah.  I hit that wall.
The thing is, I don’t even know what’s been stressing me out so much.  I’ve been fine.  My school work hasn’t been overwhelming, I’ve been eating properly and exercising.  It’s a mystery.  If i had to take a guess at what’s been causing this, I’d probably say just the workload.  Not the stress, but just the workload.  I guess my body isn’t used to doing so much stuff in such a short period of time.  Kind of sad, but it’s good to know what my body can handle.




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