Wasting time.

Sometimes i feel like calling myself a productive person.  But then i have weekends like this one, where I do absolutely nothing.  Seriously though, sometimes I do so much.  But then other weekends were i completely waste two days of my life.  And that’s a considerable amount of time.
Do you want to know what I did this weekend?  I caught up on degrassi, watched a few episodes of awkward, ate some oatmeal, watched twilight and eclipse (I don’t know why either), had some tea, edited a video and that’s it.  Granted, I am sick, and I’ve had all of the symptoms that go along with being sick (Killer Headaches, body aching, stuffy nose, etc) but you know what, that’s no excuse.  At all. Being sick doesn’t mean that you can’t do your reading assignment, or get ahead on homework that you know is going to stress you out later.  It’s just so frustrating.  Especially because the entire time I’m scrolling down tumblr, or re-watching youtube videos, I know I’m supposed to be writing essays and filming and ugh.  And then I make myself a coffee at 7pm so i’m up until 2am, wasting more time and being even less productive.  And also writing incoherent blogs as well, apparently.


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