I have always loved taking pictures.  I’m the friend that always has my camera with me, hung around my body.  And for this, I get a lot of crap.  Well, I guess not a lot, but I get a fair amount.  There are always people in school who will stare condescendingly at me, eyeing my camera.  I’ll get comments about being ‘artsy’.  Stuff like that.  But the thing is, I don’t want to be considered artsy, and I sure as hell don’t want people judging me for carrying around a camera.  “Oh wow just because she has a dslr she thinks she’s so artsy and creative.  I bet she’s the kind of girl who has her canon rebel xs just so she can take pictures of herself in her bathroom mirror.”  That’s not me.  I take pictures to remember.


So with that said, I’m borrowing my uncles flash and his fixed portrait lens.  I took a handful of shoots, playing around with both of the new tools and I’ve fallen in love with them both, the flash especially.




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