Project: Organize my entire life

I’m not a very motivated person.  Doing things is not high on my to do list.  Most of my time is spent right here, scrolling down tumblr, watching friends, or aimlessly switching between facebook and youtube, waiting for something new to happen

Now obviously this isn’t the best way to live my life.  So I’m going to change that. How?  I’m going to start managing my time.  Again. I want to have a schedule, and actually stick to it.  I feel like that’s the biggest thing.  Time.  And not wasting it.  Because that’s something that I do a lot.

Another big thing that I want to work on, aside from time management, is falling into patterns and making routines.  Habits.  I love habits and routine.  I grew up with it.  I feel like small things, like having a place for your keys and wallet, makes a huge difference in your life, and time, which ties into the previous goal I have.  like always having one bag for work, one bag for the gym, for school, for going to a friends house, etc.  Just having routine, and familiar patterns things in my life is something that I need.

Other than time management and routines, I need to focus on my priorities.  I need to get it through my head that tumblr will always be there, but so will my insecurity thanks to me weight if I don’t do anything about it.  I’ve got two choices, really; do it or wish I had.  So I need to sort that out.  I need to realize my priorities and make goals to make sure I stay true to them.

I have a feeling that there will be more posts in the future about this.  Possibly with lists.
God, I love lists.




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