So this past week, I got the flu for the first time in a few years.  Figures, right?  One of the busiest weeks in my final term of High School, and I get the flu.  I missed 4 days of school, and didn’t get to do much work.  Now today is Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday and it is time to work my ass off.  English assignment, huge English Lit Assignment, a Law assignment and a Social Justice assignment.  Figures, right?

Other than school, I’m moving rooms now too, which has made being comfortable in my sickness rather difficult.  For my entire 17 years, I was living upstairs in my room since childhood, but now I’m moving downstairs into one of our living rooms, because it’s a bit bigger and my mom has decided that I should have a bigger space for next year, since my plans on moving out fell short.

So that’s my update.


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