Gatsby, Old Sport.

I read the Great Gatsby a few years ago and fell in love, so naturally i was extremely excited when the newest movie was announced. Baz Luhrman, DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan? Not to mention the soundtrack that was released a while before the movie premiere (But that will be another post entirely.) Once the trailers were released I would watch them over and over again in my room, screaming at my computer screen because of how excited I was. Not really screaming, though. Okay, maybe a little bit. Let me tell you, I was incredibly excited for this movie. And I wasn’t disappointed.
Before I went on opening night to see Gatsby on the big screen, I had heard that the critics were pretty divided over their reviews on Luhrman’s new movie, but that didn’t affect my hype. I’m just going to come out and say it. I loved The Great Gatsby so much. The cinematography, the actors and acting, also how true it was to the book. All golden. I’ve seen it twice now.
The movie starts out black and white for a few opening credits, and then right away you’re sucked into the gold and black stylized world, belonging to none other than Gatsby and Luhrman. The entire movie is gorgeous. The bright lights and saturated colours are beautiful. It’s one of the things that make the movie so memorable. There are so many little details that make the movie what it is. The fast car scenes, the grand party scenes and especially the awkward scenes. Nothing is in the movie for no reason. It all ties in together and strengthens the movie.
The actors were all golden. I’ve heard different opinions on Tobey Maguire’s performance, but he played his character well. It doesn’t matter what you thought of him in Spider Man, he played Nick Carraway well. Carrey Mulligan was another absolute gem in this film. She played Gatsby’s “Darling Daisy” so well. She was the perfect combination of a dynamic and flat character, completely embodying Daisy and the American Dream.  Last, but certainly not least, there was Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance of Jay Gatsby, and I have to say that he embodied the character perfectly.  Like in the book, you weren’t really sure if you believed him when he spoke, and you were wary of him.  And Leo did this well.  And even the more awkward scenes, like while he’s awaiting for Daisy to arrive at Nicks, or when he and Nick run into Tom at lunch.  He did Gatsby justice, and from now on when I go back to read the book, Leo will be who I see, and it’ll be his voice I hear when I read ‘Old Sport’ from now on.
One of the things that struck me the most of the movie was how it portrayed the book.  In short, it was amazing.  If anything, it was captured the message and story more powerfully than even the book did.  Is that even possible? I guess it was something about seeing everything up on the big screen, and having Tobey Maguire repeat ‘the green light’ over and over again that really gets to you.
Honestly, I can see why people don’t enjoy the movie.  It’s stylized and a bit intense, and paired with the soundtrack I can see why people are turned off.  But i believe it was a gorgeous modern representation of a classic novel, and I think it will stay one of my favorite movies for a long time.


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