Morning ‘me’ session.

I am not a morning person. Quite simply, I am a snoozer. I’ll hit the snooze button half a dozen times, sometimes I’ll even set new alarms just to get those extra ten minutes in. I used to wake up at the least possible moment before I had to wake up to get ready to leave. But now, I’ve developed a bit of a morning routine, and it has Changed. My. Life.

Most of my morning routine is pretty inconsequential and boring, but the last 20 minutes of it really make my day. I’ll sit at my kitchen table with a cup of loose leaf Oprah Chai, my breakfast (recently it’s been two eggs, some cherry tomatoes, and a piece of fruit), and my moleskine journal. I usually make a list of something cheesy, like the people in my life that I love and why I love them, or things that make me happy. Next, i’ll put together a short to do list, not exceeding 5 things. Those are the things I want to do that day. The reason why it’s so short is that I’m the kind of person that gets really overwhelmed if my lists get too big. Then on a new page, I’ll write to myself. I’ll discuss my dreams with myself, things I think I need to improve on, how I’m feeling, all that stuff. I get my feelings off my chest and have a little debrief session with myself everyday.

I learned over this past year that to be happy, I have to put myself first. And spending time with myself every morning, now that’s just another example of putting myself first, and my morning Oprah Chai sessions are just a little way to make sure that I’m okay.

Go ahead, give yourself 20 minutes a day. You deserve it.


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