TV is taking over my life

I have a serious problem.
A television problem, and I blame netflix.
Within the past month or so, I have seriously binged through a few series.  And I thought I’d share them. Because I need everyone to suffer along with me.

1) Law and Order: SVU
I watched all 15* seasons of this last year around this time, and just last week I’ve caught up on the past 5 or so episodes.

2) Once Upon A Time

I’ve just started season 3 (which is not on netflix), so I’ve had a bit of a difficult time whipping through like I did with season 2. But man I love this show.  I’m a total Disney freak, and I’ll do anything to get my Disney kick. (This show is also filmed in my city, which is amazing!)

3) Black Box
This is a brand new show, and I. AM. LOVING. IT.  Spend an hour and watch the pilot.  You won’t regret it. It’s not like any show I’ve seen before

4) The Carrie Diaries

I’ll be honest, I’ve just started watching this today, but I’m 5 episodes in (I know! I told you I have a problem! But it’s so amazing.  I’m on a little bit of a ‘New York’ kick, and this show just fuels it!

I think I need to set myself some really strict television limits, because when I start watching a show, especially on Netflix, I. Can’t. Stop.


What shows have you been loving?




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