4 Faves – Study Apps

Other than the staples (Such as Gmail and the calander app), here are some of my favorite apps for a student life.

1) iStudiez Pro


This app is great for school, and planning assignments.  You can get it on your desktop, tablet, and phone (For Mac users, anyway.)  You can plan out your assignments, keep your schedule planned out, and map out exams.

2) StudyBlue


This app is a freaking life saver.  I have an awful memory, so flashcards are the only way for me to study. You can add, and edit decks online, and then take them on the go with you (I love to study on the bus).

3) Any.DO


This is a to do list app, which lets you set up to do’s for ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Someday’.  For some reason,  I’m really picky about to do list apps, and I keep coming back to this one.

4) Flat Tomato


This app is great for studying.  Especially for a subject that you don’t like.  This app times your study time (I do 25), and then once that time is up it rings and gives you a break (I’ll either give myself 5-10 minutes).  I feel like studying is much more feasible when I break it down into chunks.   Any Apps I should look into?


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