Coffee Costs

I’m a coffee person.  Even though I start my morning with a cup of tea, I still need coffee to get me through the day.  I am very dependent, and very picky.  According to some people, I’m not just a coffee person, i’m a coffee snob.  And though my taste buds appreciate my high standards for coffee, my wallet does not.
I used to drink drip coffee. It was quick, it was cheap, I could add my own milk and sugar to it and I could get unlimited refills at Starbucks.  But now, I’m a latte person.  And this has cost me an extra 2$ whenever I go and get a drink, which quickly adds up, especially when you’re going more than once a day.

So I’m setting some ground rules for myself in attempts to give my wallet a rest. (Okay let’s be real, not so much my wallet and more so my visa bill. Yikes!)


Rule #1: No Starbucks
I mostly want to stay away from Starbucks because they’re everywhere. If I break the habit of getting starbucks, then I won’t be tempted to get a latte every single time I pass one. (Which is a lot.  I go to school downtown).

Rule #2: Only get smalls or mediums.
Most of the time I tend to order Large.  What’s the point?  Most of the time, there isn’t an additional shot of espresso unless you pay an extra $.60, and I really don’t need that much to drink! Plus $5 for a drink?   No more.

Rule #3: Only buy coffees from places with loyalty programs.
This one is self explanatory.  That free drink is worth it at the end!  I’ll walk the extra few blocks to find a Waves to get my latte.  I’ll get my extra steps in, and their baristas are amazing!

Rule #4:  Make My Own
Since I have my own freaking espresso maker at home, which includes a steam wand, I should start making my own lattes and bring them out instead of buying one when I get to where I need to be. If I do that even just twice a week,  that will save me $520 a year.  Um hello that’s ridiculous.

What do you do to save money while buying coffee?




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