A week in pictures [1]

Even though my Sunday’s are more like thursdays, here’s my week in pictures.



Before we went in to see Wicked, we all got Oprah Chai.  You guys know how much I like Oprah Chai.  (And plus my friends Starbucks Discount??? Yes please!)


Look at our awful seats!  They were 50$ tickets, bought right before the show. But man it was so fun!  And I got to see it with people who I really enjoy spending time with, which is always the best way to do anything.


You can see my friend’s custom Wicked show in the bottom left corner!  So cute! She’s even more in love with Wicked than I am.


Since the whole ‘legal’ thing is still new to me, I get excited about drinks! I had my first Bellini with my friend Steph and loved it!


Post Saturday Morning Chem Class Study Session.  Except I didn’t study.  I blogged.  Oops!  Still productive, right?


Shoes!  I tried these on at Payless, and I’m having mixed feelings about them.  I’m thinking they’re super super cute, but payless quality? I’m a bit on the fence.


Latte Art!  I’m slowly learning how to pour nice rosettas and hearts into my lattes.  Hopefully with time they’ll get better .


This was a good week.  I hope next week is just as good/better.



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