Monday Pep Talk [1]

I’ve been bad this week.  Out of all 7 days, I’ve only journaled once.  That is so sad.  I need to change that starting right now.  I’ve been lucky that I’ve been seeing friends and keeping busy, because If I had just been busy with school work I would have probably exploded.  At least I have my oprah chai to keep me company.


Ten things that made this week Awesome:
1. Wicked – I saw this show for the second time (as I mentioned yesterday) and ahhh!!! I love it. I’m so glad it’s coming back (albeit to seattle) next summer!

2. Seeing Friends – I’ve been spending a lot of time with a lot of people that I don’t get to see that often.  I forgot how nice having a social life was.

3. Drinks – My 19th birthday was a month ago, and I’m just starting to totally love this whole legality thing!  Bring on the Sangria!

4. Work friends – Today I was working with a coworker that I haven’t worked with in around six months, and I forgot how much we got along!  It was really great working with her, and catching up.

5. My mother –  Every single day I become more and more like my mother, and I love it.  I look up to her so much.  She’s such a grounded woman, who knows what she wants from life, and is going to go get it.

6. Reading blogs – I’ve never really been into sitting down, whenever I have the chance, with a cup of tea and scrolling through blogs on bloglovin’, and catching up.  It’s peaceful.

7. Spotify – I’ve been getting really  lazy with music. Growing up, I was the kid who spent hours finding new music to listen to, and perfecting my itunes playlists. But I just don’t have time for that anymore, so Spotify has been a saviour.  (Thank God for New music Tuesday)

8. Feeling good about myself – Feeling good about myself, and comfortable in my own skin has really changed my entire life. There are weeks when I don’t feel it, and there are weeks where I do.  And I definitely felt this way this past week.  Go me!

9. Walking a lot – This past week, I hit my 10000 step goal 5/7 days.  I’ve been pretty active, despite not working out! (Which by the way needs to change)

10. Waking up earlier – If you know me, you know that I am really not a morning person, and I struggle with waking up.   But I’ve realized that I need an hour to get ready, and that, somehow, has really helped me get out of bed. And I’m loving it.


Hope you all had wonderful weeks!  Happy Monday!





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