Walking On Sunshine

I always wanted to start going on walks.  To be a little more active than I am now, even when not going on 5k runs.  To have an activity to turn to that doesn’t have any room for excuses.


The other week I had a little epiphany.  People walk their dogs because they love their dogs, and they deserve exercise.  So when people don’t make the time to ‘walk’ themselves, or exercise, do they not love themselves enough?  It kind of made me realise that I deserve to treat myself well.  So with that having been said, I’ve started to go on little walks with myself. I’ve downloaded some ebooks (Currently making my way through The Cuckoo’s Calling), I make myself an iced coffee, and then go out for around half an hour.


It’s really quite peaceful, actually. I thought I would get bored, but It was nice watching the sun set and getting some fresh air.


Hopefully I’ll be able to go on a few walks a week.





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