Learning to drive

I’m a bit behind the curve, but I finally booked my road test!  That’s right friends, in a month and a half, I might have my N, which I am very excited about.

Where I’m from, our city transit is pretty good, and if you’re a full time student, you get a ‘free’ transit card, which is usually sold for about 200$ a month.  So naturally, most of my friends just opt out of driving and stick with bussing.  But not me!  Not anymore! I definitely don’t want to be bussing for the rest of my life.  I hate bussing.  Hate it.  I feel like it’s a complete waste of time. And this is all a relatively new, as well. Before I started university, I had no problem with bussing.  But I guess after you start spending close to 4 hours a day on the bus, things change.   So I finally booked some lessons, started driving with my mom, and I’m on my way!

I have my road test booked for August 20th (The first possible day for me to take it) and I am so excited!  It’s a right of passage, and I am totally ready for it.



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