Online Classes

As previously stated, I am a student.  And I Love being a student.  A lot.  But you know what I don’t love?  Online classes.  Know what I pretty much hate?  Online classes.  Can you guess what I’m taking?   An online class.

How do I loathe the?  Let me count the ways,

  1. Zero Motivation to do anything.
    The fact that I can literally push anything off until later is too tempting.  Online participations have been close to 0, and I’m pretty sure this course (which was supposed to be a gpa booster for me) is going to drag that GPA right down.  Crying at my life decisions right now
  2. You don’t have class mates to rely on
    Ok not like I really make a ton of friends in my normal classes, but at least I would have the option to make friends and ask them for their notes.
  3. Online Deadlines are at midnight
    This gives procrastination a whole new kick.  Instead of being able to pull an all-nighter, you have to have that document submitted by midnight.   Let me tell you how stressful it is to be on your first draft of a paper at 10:30pm the night it’s due.  It was a race against the freaking clock.
  4. No interaction with profs of TA’s
    I didn’t think this one would actually bother me this much, but it really does.  I think that because no one actually knows who I am, aside from my name and student number, I feel like I can get away with not doing things. Which is totally an awful way of seeing things, but it’s the truth!

Basically online classes just really, really suck when you’re like me and have close to zero motivation and self discipline, especially when it’s about a course you’re not totally into (World Literature??? Who was I kidding)

Hopefully before the semester ends I’ll be able to get my act together and pull my grades back up.

Have you ever taken an online class?



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