New Addiction – Carbonated Water

I have a new addiction.  Yup, it’s Perrier.  Perrier, bubbly water, san pellegrino, and that stuff that comes out of SodaStreams.  I used to hate it, but now I’m addicted.



It all started this week when we were up in Osoyoos.  We got a free 18 pack of Lime Perrier with a purchase of a bottle of vodka, and I was the only one who drank it, and I’m addicted! It is delicious, it is so refreshing, and it’s zero calories. I know that sounds really ditzy, but it’s a serious thing to consider! especially when you’re drinking 5 cans a day!  (Okay, I may not be drinking that much, but I could!

)  Luckily for me, my mother also shares this addiction, and last year she purchased a soda stream!  Know what that means?  Carbonated water whenever I want it.



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