As much as I identify with being an introvert, over the past month or so I have just realized how much I love having friends.  It sounds dumb to say, I know, but not having a social life really sucks.  A lot.


I spent a lot of time earlier this year and late 2013 alone.  I would be at school alone, doing homework alone, on the bus alone, and I also would never seem to have the time to make time and see my friends!  I didn’t realize how big of a difference seeing familiar faces, and laughing until you felt like you were going to pee yourself really made.  Then I started seeing my friends, and texting them more often, and It’s been great.  I’ve seen an immediate improvement in my mood, and overall life is just really fucking good now.

I dare you to make some plans with some friends!  It will be great, I promise!



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