Working Outside In the City

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve fallen in love with being outside. I just got back yesterday from my week long trip in the interior, and I already have a feeling that if I don’t make an effort to go outside to work, I won’t. So here are the ways I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen!


1) Find a bar or cafe with a deck.
Not just chairs outside, but a proper deck. I feel like if I had a deck at my place, I would find it less weird to work in my own back yard. But the thing with my place is, the backyard doesn’t feel like a working environment. But if I found a cafe, or a bar, that had a nice deck, with some big umbrellas and nice tables to work on, I could happily sit myself down there and work my little butt off for hours! With wifi, of course.
2) Inspire myself with pictures of patio furniture, and of people working outside.
If other people can do it, I can too, right? Seeing other people doing the things that I want to do is somehow really inspiring for me. I’m a bit of a jealous person, and as soon as I see someone doing something that looks cool, I will definitely want to do it too.
3) Get a cooler for myself, and some cooler packs.
On the days on which I don’t need wifi, and let’s be honest it’s probably more often than I would like to admit, I’m going to pack myself a little lunch and some iced coffees and make my way over to the park near my house and sit myself down on a blanket and work in nature.


I really hope that I get myself outside and appreciating nature more. I absolutely love spending time outside, and I know it will help with my mood.



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