My Happy Place

I’ve found my happy place.  I have found the perfect place to work, to catch up with friends, to read, and about anything else!  And you know what the kicker is? I’ve been here before, many times!

It’s a really spacious place, with a lot of huge windows, wooden tables, and really cute chairs. Not to mention the mugs they use are a shade of tiffany blue!  The whole cafe has a really cute and comfy worn in vibe going on, and it’s the perfect working environment!  I also really appreciate how much seating they have! That way I can sit here for hours without feeling like I’m taking up too much space!  photo1 (2)

Also, they have a hugeeeee deck.  It’s a corner lot, so they have have a (somewhat shaded) patio, with nice tables and chairs.  I have found my perfect place!  And did I mention they have doughnuts? Because they have doughnuts, and they are amazing. (Not as good as Voodoos, but still.  This Peanut Butter and Jam one I had was the best doughnut I’ve ever had!

photo2 (1)

I also love the neighbourhood it’s in.  It’s called Mount Pleasant, I mean how cute is that?!  There are a ton  of really cute bars and cafes and shops, and I’m excited to start spending more time in this neighbourhood!   I’m also lucky because it’s quite easy to get here from my house.  I can just walk a few blocks, and then catch a bus heading north!

photo1 (3)

I couldn’t sit outside today to work because all of the shady spots were taken, and I didn’t want my laptop to overheat!


Do you have a place like this in your city?


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