VAG – Douglas Coupland


The other day I had a friend visiting from Australia, so we went to the Vancouver Art Gallery. First off, I absolutely love the building that the VAG is in and I need to one day eat lunch on the steps (Like Gossip Girl in Vancouver!). Douglas Coupland had an exhibit and it was really cool. I was told of it by a friend who went and who absolutely loved it!




That wasn’t totally my cup of tea. A lot of the stuff was a really cool, but because it was so familiar and brightly coloured, I really wanted to touch everything. And I know that’s not allowed! Don’t worry!

The next exhibit was probably my favorite. It was called ‘Lost in Memory‘ and I loved it! I think why I liked it so much was because it was more interactive. It wasn’t just things you looked at and would walk into these rooms and be immersed in the environment!

Looking back on it, I think the reason why I enjoyed that exhibit so much and the others not so much is because of how hands on it was. I feel like the exhibits that were non interactive could have been looked at online and I would have had the same reaction. That’s not to say they weren’t cool!

PS I couldn’t take any pictures in the exhibit I liked, that’s why they’re all just of Douglas Coupland’s exhibit.


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