IRL Friends

I just returned home from the Airport, and it’s feeling a bit odd.
For the past few days I had a friend from Australia staying with my.  We met over the internet, through youtube, which is a bit weird.  But come on, it’s 2014!

We’ve known each other for about three years, and around a year ago he told me that he would be coming to Canada to be a ski instructor for a while.  He was a province over, but when the ski season was over in April he came to stay with me for a few days before jetting down the coast and then exploring the world (He hitchhiked from London to Istanbul.  That’s far.  Go look at a map!)  Then he arrived from Seattle last Saturday to fly out of Vancouver to Australia today.  So, he made good use of my couch and we got to spend time with each other for a few days.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

(Images stolen from his Instagram)

Other than the craziness of spending a lot of time with someone that you met on the internet in real life, him being here was a lot of fun!  Both me and my best friend got to spend time not only with him, but we also got to be a tourist in our own city!  We went to the art museum, visited a few beaches, and spent time doing things we normally wouldn’t do.

Sitting here at my desk and looking over to my couch without seeing him on his laptop is really a weird feeling. Not to mention I might never see him again in my life.  It’s a weird thing.  Hopefully he’ll be back in Vancouver/Canada sometime in the next few years and we’ll be able to plan some more stuff. (He’ll also be legal the next time he’s here, and I’ll have a car to drive!)


P.S Here is is youtube account if you’re curious! He hasn’t uploaded in a year or so, but he’s a hilarious guy!

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