Preppy On A budget

As a student who’s working a part time job, trying to save up for school and an apartment and travel, I don’t have a ton of extra cash lying around for new jcrew chino shorts or $120 monogrammed necklace, no matter how beautiful. So I’ve decided to start a ‘preppy on a budget’ series! It will entail my adventures in slowly, and affordably introducing new preppy items into my wardrobe and also using what I already have.

Today’s outfit I really felt like I would be Prep Approved (but really, who knows). Since it was raining out, I had to layer it up. (Don’t mind my wet pants and unenthusiastic face, I was at the gym!)


Riding Boots : Payless / Pants : Old Navy / Cardigan : Old Navy (A few years back) / Polo : Old Navy / Bag  : H&M


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  1. Prep approved girl! Good job! I can’t afford to get all the expensive stuff either. Little tip for J Crew chino shorts though: In the mid-fall go to the J crew factory store online and they have them for really cheap (mine were $15) and they last a long time!

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