Dream big [Tag]

I’ve been subscribed to BeccaRose on Youtube for a while, and I absolutely adore her!  She uploaded a video yesterday that was called ‘The Dreams Tag’, which I believe was sponsored by Marc Jacobs for their new Daisy perfume (which looks really cute!).  I thought the questions were really cute and lovely, so I wanted to answer them!


What are you currently day dreaming about?
I am currently daydreaming about spending more time outside.  I’ve been really lazy all day, and have pretty much been cooped up inside.  Thankfully tonight I get to go out with some friends to watch the fireworks tonight!

What three items live in your dream wardrobe?
This one is tricky!  There are tons of items that I want in my wardrobe, but can’t completely justify right now (Ummm hello, hunter boots!), but if were to pick three things, I think I would pick three really timeless pieces.  I’d pick a pair of really gorgeous Louboutin heels, black, of course.  A classic chanel flap bag, black with gold hardware, and then a really, really, really, nice and well fitted trench coat. I don’t know why, but I loveee trench coats!

Who’s your dream celeb look-alike?
So I’m guessing this question is just asking me who I wish I looked like.  To be honest it would probably be something like Zooey Deschanel.  I know that’s soooo typical, but it’s a comfortable look, you know? It’s familiar, with the bangs and brown eyes!

In your eyes, who’s currently “living the dream”?
I’m really torn for this question.  I have two answers, the first being Carly from the College Prepster, the second being Alicia Florrick from the Good wife.  Yup.  I chose a fictional character.  I feel like Carly is living such a great, picturesque life, and I love it!  Living in New York, dating a cute boy, and omg have you seen Teddy???  That girl really knows how to chase and live her dreams!  But then again, I also really want to be a succesful lawyer, and helllooo Alicia Florrick has defs got that under her belt.

What do you dream of more; love or money?
This is going to sound really bad, but I’m choosing Money.  Ok ok, let me explain:  I’m really happy, and I’m surrounded by great people and great family, and I honestly have no desire to fall in love with anyone.  Honestly, I’m really bad when I’m in relationships.  I don’t like Kayla when she’s in love.  So that’s why I dream of being financially stable, because I don’t dream of falling in love.

Your dream holiday escape?
Right now, I am totally in love with the idea of going to New York.  I am heavily dreaming of a City Vacation.  But if I was thinking more typically holiday, I would definitely say Greece.  I have been dreaming of Greece for a few years now, and I really hope I get to go one day!

Who’s your dream YouTuber collab?
I don’t really make youtube videos anymore, so I’m going to twist this question a bit.  If I could do a collag Blog Post with someone, I would probably pick The College Prepster.  Okay. Yup.  I’m just in love with her right now!

Did your childhood dreams ever come true?
I think it’s a little soon to say if they’ve come true, because ever since I was a kid I wanted to go into law (I know, loser, right?). But on another note, I’m happy now, which is something that my 15 year old self probably never thought would happen.

If one of your dreams could come true right now, what would it be?
I would be a blogger. Let’s be real.  How much of a dream job is that?!  Doing something that you love, being able to work from home and to set your own hours, and I just need to stop thinking about it so much because I’ll probably just drop out of college and go for it!

Please answer these questions if you’re thinking of it!



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