One step at a time

Everyone wants to change their lives. To wake up in the morning to a clean apartment, with their planners organized and their lives together. And I am going to give that to myself, but I’m not going to try to get it all at once.

Instead of setting 8 goals for myself for the next six months of my life, and failing miserably at all of them, I am going to set one. Just one goal. That way, whenever I reach this goal, I’ll add another. There won’t be a time limit, because in reality life is always a work in progress.

So what’s my goal? To learn how to wake up.


Yup. Something that simple. To learn how to get my butt out of bed. To not hit snooze. To start. My days earlier.

I chose this because getting a late start is always one of those things that really brings me down. I feel like I’ve wasted the entire day, and like I have to stay up late just to make up for wasted time.

I’ll check back with how I’ve done with this goal next month!



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