Taming the beast

I have pretty frizzy hair. And by pretty frizzy, I mean year one Hermione hair. It’s not an easy thing to deal with, and if I could ask Emma Watson one question, I would ask her what her hair care routine is.
But with that having been said, I’ve started to get to know what my hair likes, and dislikes, and how to keep the frizz to a minimum.

Unfortunately, I can’t leave my hair to air dry naturally, it frizzed up. So I actually have to take care of it, which really sucks.


Hair routine:
After I get out of the shower I put a dollop of Moroccan oil into my hair, and then some sort of heat protectant. Then I’ll section it off and blow dry it. Once it’s dry I’ll use some R&B from lush and rub it into my hair, especially the ends. If my hair is looking alright at this point, I’ll leave it be. But if it’s not, and I have the time, I’ll curl it! I’ll spritz some more heat protectant in my hair, and really simply curl it away from my face. I’ll usually separate my hair into three layers and curl half inch to inch wide sections. I don’t know why, but using heat on my hair and curling it really keeps it all in place and helps to tame the frizz. Once it’s all some being curled, I’ll rub some more R&B into it.

I do put a lot of stuff into my hair, but my hair loves it. It absorbs the product so well. And when I do curl my hair, i can go without washing it for 3 or four days. Thank god for dry shampoo!

What are some miracle hair products you use?




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