University Courses.

Yesterday when I woke up, I rushed over my computer, logged into my university’s class registration, and wanted to cry.  Yup.  I didn’t get into any of the classes I wanted.  I knew that second years’ had the worst registration dates, but I didn’t know that meant putting my major on hold!


The past few days, I’ve spent hours on that dumb website, looking through different classes I could take, trying to put together a schedule full of classes that I could take, without spending too much time in transit, and not wasting too much time and money on credits that I don’t necessarily need.

Eventually, earlier today, I managed to get into one of the classes that I needed. I literally screamed I was so happy.  There was only one spot left, and I felt like I was in a race against time.

So days later from my initial registration date, I now finally have a half-decent schedule.

Hopefully next semester registration is less of a gong show!




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