Beep Beep

I’m in the middle of learning to drive, and keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll pass before the next semester of school starts, in which I have would have to bus an hour and a half to an hour every single day. Twice.  Yeah.  It’s a brutal commute, and I friggen’ hate it.

There’s also the issue of the car.  I’m in a pretty lucky in that my mom is considering getting a new car soon, so I’d be able to drive her old one.

Butttt that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to enjoy the shopping!  We went to the Mini Auto store for after it was closed, and I realized that I really don’t like the new models.  In my opinion they’re too big!  And the whole point of minis, at least for me, is that they were small!  And cute!  But you know what car I do like? The new vw beetle!  IMG_5382

We went to the dealership today, and sat in the new model, and Ohmygooddddddddd I need this car in my life!  If I could afford a car for myself I would definitely get this one!  I died while sitting in it.  I can totally see myself zipping around town in one of these guys!

What do you think of minis and beetles?



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