Exams and papers and deadlines, oh my!

Finals are coming up.  I’ve got one on the 6th, one on the 8th an another on the 13th.

I am so unprepared.

I’ve spent a lot of this semester not really doing any work.  Only one of my classes has been really intriguing to me, and the others have been sooooo boring. (I mean, Chemistry and World Literature? What was I thinking!  Though I don’t think World Literature would have been that terrible, but I decided to take the class online.  Mistake)  And I am definitely paying for my procrastination now.   I have an essay to do, and all of my studying, and to top it off I haven’t even read the books yet.

I definitely need to stop whining about what I’ve gotten myself into, but man am I in a slump!  I’ve been sleeping in a lot, I currently have this pounding headache, and I really don’t feel like myself.

If you’ve got any tips for studying, let me know!





  1. I feel your pain, I am slumped in work at the moment bit off a little more than I can chew, Mix up your drinks so tea coffee and water to keep you awake if your tired.

    if your going to take a break do it outside in cooling fresh air it really opens my eyes and head up 🙂 and I plan out what is going to take me the most time and the least time and start with things that take me no time at all 🙂

    hope this helps

  2. Oh nooo! Finals and everything, they sure can bog you down! Dunno if you know this, but I work as an professional editor/proofreader and I always give lots of constructive feedback. I also have a lot of short online essay-mastering courses that have helped all my students get over 85 marks, highest is 93/100. I love working on these kinds of jobs so I’d be very happy to help if you need a hand!! Here’s the link just in case http://empoweredyoungvoices.com/product/proofreadingediting-papers-1-10-pages/ =)
    Cheers and good luck! =)

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