4 Faves – Pampering myself

It’s no secret that I really enjoy pampering myself.  Giving myself the extra little oomph now and then, to make my self feel good and comfortable in my skin.  And that’s something that I really value.  So here are some things I love doing to pamper myself!

I love getting a pair of press on gel nails that last for a week, and not having to worry about chips. It’s so nice glancing at my hands and seeing perfectly glossy french nails.

Face Masks:
To be honest, I don’t do these as often as I should, but I feel great when I do.  I feel like I walk around with a new found glow, and I love rocking it!

This one is a bit common, but man, a good latte can really brighten my mood.  And if I’m really in need for a pick me up, I’ll even get a bit of vanilla syrup pumped in there as well1

Movie Night: 
Sometimes when all else fails, I’ll just cancel all plans, cozy up in my pjs on the couch, and watch a movie on Netflix (or half a season of a tv show)



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