Customizing your macbook

I love the clean and sleek look that macbooks have, but I also hate being one in a sea of dozens while I’m sitting in class.  When I was in my Criminal law class this past semester, I saw a girl who had a really cute chevron keyboard cover, and had to go get one for myself!  I absolutely love it, and I have definitely spent hours looking at other cute tech accessories!

tech 1.jpg tech 2.jpg

I absolutely love the front decals for the face of the macbook!  I don’t think I could eve get one for myself though because I wouldn’t be able to chose! There are so many fun ones, but I was drawn to the Mickey hands (hello, huge Disney lover!) and also the Audrey one because she is classic.  

For the inside of the mac, in addition to the chevron keyboard cover I already have, I was really love the idea of keyboard stickers!  How cute!  And also sometimes I find that typing with the silicone cover makes it a bit difficult.

My absolute favorite of all the accessories I found were the monogramed decals.  I mean, everything is better when monogrammed.  And in pink.  Right?  I am definitely ordering myself one of these when I find a store that will ship to Canada!



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