Looking forward to August

Hellllooooo August! Β What a bittersweet month, the peak of summer, but the last month of what we know to be summer vacation.
I’ve never been a huge fan of August, but it’s time to count the good things that come along with the month:

New agendas:
How long have you been staring at your new Lilly or Kate Spade agenda, waiting to crack it open and to fill the pages with your life? Well I am solo glad I got to finally start using mine!

The end of summer semester:
Sure, along with the end of semester comes exams and cramming for papers, but once they’re all done we’re blessed with days of nothing but summer. No long term obligations to review notes or to send emails to profs.

Back to school shopping:
Even thought I’m in university and I’m technically still in school, I will not be passing up the opportunity to stock up on sweaters and thick woollen socks. Even though it’s hot now, in a few months I’ll be going to school on a mountain, and I will definitely be freezing!



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