5 things that will make your life easier

My mother taught me a lot of things that have, to be honest, kind of changed my life.  They’re all little things that don’t seem to make a huge difference, but altogether my life has been made significantly easier!  I guess you could call them life hacks, although they aren’y so much ‘hacks’ as much as they are tips!

1. Prepare your coffee the night before.
Now I don’t mean make your coffee the night before, but scooping the grinds into the filter in the machine, and having your water already poured makes getting up so much easier!  Just rolling out of bed and hitting a button compared to doing the whole cycle really makes a difference! At least for me!

2. Have a spot of your keys.
Just one spot.  Right when you walk in the door. Either the table in your foyer,  anything!  I have a magnetic door, so I picked myself up a locker caddy to put my keys in whenever I walked in the door.  This saves sooo much time in the morning when you’re rushing out the door for class or work!

3. Use one mug.
I know everyone loves their mug collection, but keeping to one mug on a daily basis really keeps things simple.  There isn’t any of that “oh I’ll just use this new mug and watch the collection of mugs grow on my desk.”  Who doesn’t love simplicity?!

4. Don’t kid yourself when you set your alarm.
I am totally guilty of this one.  I like the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn and spending my entire day productively, but in reality the only way I can wake up is if I have to wake up. I don’t like having an alarm telling me t get out of bed.  By waiting until the last minute before I wake up to get ready, I don’t end up hitting snooze 10 times.

5. Don’t treat your car as a trashcan.
 It’s a slippery slope.  First it’s a coffee cup, then it’s your shopping bag, and then a pair of shoes you wore to an event, and even your gym bag in your trunk for a week.  It adds up quickly, and pretty soon you’ll be living in a dump.  It’s better to not even get into the habit!



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