My biggest Challenges

There are a lot of things that I find difficult.  I find it difficult to pick the perfect pair of shoes for a night out, I find it difficult to pick what I’m having when I go out for brunch, and I find it hard to keep my iPad mini charged.  But as annoying as those things are, they’re small and inconsequential.  So here are three things I find so difficult they’ve become sort of a problem.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 7.23.54 AM

1. Waking up early. 
I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s seriously a problem.  I can never freaking get out of bed, let alone wake up early!  And I know it might sound like I’m whining about not having enough time to do my makeup, or my hair in the morning, but it’s a little bit more than that.  If I don’t have something to do, I’ll somehow let myself sleep in until noon.  Every single day.  My body loves sleep and it’s a problem!  Once I spend 12 hours a day, it’s extremely easy to feel like I’m wasting away my life in bed.

2. Going to bed.
Going hand in hand with number one, here’s my second problem!  Going to bed. I somehow always manage to convince myself to stay up late.  “I’m more productive at night!”, “It’s not like I have anything to do in the morning anyway”.  And next thing you know it’s 3am and I’m scrolling down pinterest doing absolutely nothing.  It’s not even like I’m the kind of person who can do that, and then wake up the next morning after 2 hours of sleep!  I know it’s a common struggle, which is at least a little comforting.

3. Unplugging.
Just like the rest of the world, I am addicted to technology, and the internet.  Hours can just flllyyyy by when you’re online.  It’s an endless black pit!  Youtube, and bloglovin’, and netflix! And then you can trick yourself into thinking you’re being productive by emptying your inbox, cleaning off your desktop, etc.

It seems like I’m made up entirely of bad habits.  Do you have any tips on breaking through this?



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