Preppy On a Budget: Summer

Here I am again with an Old Navy appreciation  Preppy on a budget post!  As I have previously mentioned, I’ve been trying to dress more like the person I want to be, but while keeping my credit score not so heinous, and I wanted to share my outfits with you!  This is something really basic that I’ve been reaching for quite often, since getting my Chino inspired shorts.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 2.19.34 PM

First off, I love stripes.  So if you don’t like stripes, feel free to avoid them!  Solid print tees are great too, and I also love pairing chino shorts with chambray tops, or gingham!
I’ve also been looking for a pair of boat shoes. I’ve fallen in love with Sperry’s but for $100+ I don’t think I can shell out that money right now. Especially considering summer is almost over!  So when I saw these ones at Old Navy in the sale department for $11, I had to do it!  Even if they’re a weird shiny gold material, whatever!  I think they’re cute!
And finally I’ve been loving totes.  I included a picture of a Michael Korres tote because that’s my favorite style, but trust me I can’t afford to have a million different coloured MK totes!  But I do have a few inspired ones that are so cheap, and so wonderful!  This one from Chapters is such a cute colour, and it was only 20$!  Helloooo!  Chapters does bags like this every season and reduces the seasonal prices from $45 to $20 when the seasons over, and I love it!





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