The 60 second rule.

I’m not saying that I’m the most cleanly or organized person on the block, but there is one rule that helps keep my things together and my living space tolerable.  I like to call it the 60 second rule.

I can’t remember where exactly I heard of it, but a few years ago I was introduced to the concept.  It’s simple.  If something will take less than a minute to do, just do it. S

Sounds kind of dumb, right?  Wrong.  This rule ensures that all of those little things don’t all add up and become big things.  Putting your shoes away after getting home, loading the dishwasher after every meal, wiping down your coffee maker after each pot.  Those things! Instead of waiting for your apartment to become a total wreck at the end of each month, and spending a day (or even 2, like in my case) cleaning it all up, by putting things back where they belong and cleaning up after yourself, things don’t seem so bad.

Even though I’m probably one of the laziest people in the world (I’m working on it, okay?), by pushing through and just doing things right away, I have saved so much time in the long run, and this 60 second rule has totally changed my life for the better.

Give it a try!



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