3 Tricks to Save Money

Recently I’ve been getting my visa bills and been finding myself unable to pay them off without dipping into my savings. And that is not okay. I’ve been a naughty shopper recently, and have had to find some ways to reign in the spending.
Here are my tips!
1) Leave your Visa card at home.
This one can be switched up, depending on how you spend most of your money. I personally find it easiest to pay for things on visa, so I leave mine at home. I don’t know why, but I’m much more wary about spending when it’s from a line of credit and not a 20$ bill from my wallet. It makes me think twice!
Spend most when dealing with cash? Only carry card!

2) Will the money look better in your bank account?
I know you really enjoy your Oprah Chai lattes, but will those 5$ taste better for 20 minutes of look better in your bank account? Imagine all of those empty Starbucks Cups. Now imagine all of those crisp $5 bills. Same goes for your sushi, that new top, and that new bag you’ve been eyeing.

3) Add it up.
I almost started getting my nails done monthly. You know, those really gorgeous gel nails that don’t chip? Beautiful, right?
Well before I booked my appointment I thought about it. It’s about $40 for each appointment, which will last about 4 weeks. 10$ a week. Not bad. But if I went every month, that would be $40 12 times a year. That’s close to $500. Could you imagine spending $1,000 every two years on your nails???
Same goes with your morning latte, your weekly round of drinks, and your Sunday brunches! It adds up!



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