I love my iPad mini for many reasons. I can edit photos on it for my blog or Instagram on a bigger screen, it’s a great way to catch up on reading blogs in the morning on my couch, it’s a good e-reader and it’s super portable. But recently my ipad has saved me $450+ and I am beyond grateful.
How? Textbooks.
I was searching around online for my textbooks for the upcoming semester, and was baffled by prices. You’d think I’d get used to seeing that three digit price for a textbook I’ll use for 3 months, but nope. It doesn’t get old. As all students do, I checked my school bookstore, amazon, and slug books. None of the prices were amazing, especially since I’d end up paying extra for shipping. So then i thought to check out Coursesmart. It’s a website that has textbooks as ebooks, an i swear it’s my new best friend.
I’ve saved close to $1,000 with Coursesmart over my time as a student and will probably save way more than that in my remaining years. I also won’t ever have to worry about forgetting my textbooks, because I’ll be able to access them anywhere online. And the real winner? I won’t have to carry them with me around campus, or when I’m commuting to school in the morning. All I have to do now is make sure my ipad is charged!



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