Back to School – Saving Money

Before a Barista, or a blogger, or anything else I do with my time, I am a student.  It’s a great title to cling to, but unfortunately, it doesn’t really pay the bills or leave a lot of extra spending money.  Instead, it’s more like a black pit for your wallet.  From tuition to school supplies, to textbooks and coffee, it’s never ending.  But I have a few rules I live by to keep my costs down.

b2s saving moneyCoffee.
If you’re not a coffee person, this won’t apply to you.  But if you are, you know how expensive it is.  A $4 coffee everyday would cost you close to $1500 every year.  One rule I absolutely stick to is I bring my own coffee to class.  In the morning, I’ll make sure I wake up early enough to put on a pot of coffee.  Plus that way I’ll have something to sip on the way to class!
Long day and your first cup wasn’t enough for you?  Instead of going to starbucks and getting your Non-Fat, no whip, grande mocha latte, take a step back.  Maybe just a coffee? An Americano if you need to?  I know you love your mochas, but do you need it? It all adds up!

There’s nothing more comforting than a trip to Tim Hortons after class, right fellow Canadians? But let’s be real, it would be much cheaper to pack a lunch in the morning, or the night before, and save your $7.  Packing lunch is tough, especially if you have a long day, but snacks are key.  What I usually do is pack a sandwhich, and then a handful of snacks!  (Personal faves are carrots and hummus, grapes, a cliff/kind bar, dried fruits, and trail mix!)

Yup. I have a section on pens.  It’s simple though, just never buy pens. Seriously.  There are enough events on campus (especially every september) that basically throw pens at you!  Hit up all of the different departments, and student associations.  Last year when I went to my freshmen campus orientation, there was a table of free stuff! Along with coffee and donuts there were pens and post it notes! Um, yes please!

Happy Hour
This one has a little bit less to do with school, and more with stress relief.  If we can call it that.  Drinks are expensive, and so is your plate of nachos on a friday night after a big Chem exam.  My biggest tip?  Hop on Yelp for a few minutes and find out which bars and restaurants are having happy hour!  You’ll save money, and end up having a much better time when your Sangria is $4 instead of $8.




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