August Wrap Up

I tried thinking back to what I’ve done over the past month, but I had to check back with my instagram feed to refresh my memory!  I ended my summer semester in August, and then tried to fit 3 months of summer into the two weeks I had off.  Needless to say,  I am exhausted.  Yesterday I slept for 15 hours.  Yeah.  15.


Little Black Dress Tour// Near the beginning of the month my friend and I drove a few hours passed the border and down into Seattle to see Sara Bareilles live in concert!  It was such an amazing concert, and the venue was outside and amazing!


Going out with friends // I went out with friends a lot these past few weeks.  From casual drinks and a plate of Nachos at our regular spot, or nights out at the club.  After doing it so many times in a few weeks, I can tell you with confidence that I’m not a clubbing girl.  I’d much rather spend the night at a bar with my friends, or at a lounge somewhere.  Hell, I would even prefer spending a night in on a comfy couch, catching up with friends over some drinks instead of putting on my high heels and little black dress.

Legally Blonde // It’s no secret that Legally Blonde is my favourite musical.  I know it’s not the best musical production wise.  The sets are simple, no one flies like in wicked, but it’s still my favourite.  Elle Woods is my inspiration, and the music is sooo catchy.  In Vancouver this year, Legally Blonde was part of our Theatre Under the stars, and I was lucky enough to see it three times.  And I loved it more and more each time!


Room Organization // I don’t have any pictures for this one, but I am totally redoing my room!  I moved around all of my furniture, and am planning on really making this room feel like home, since I’m going to be here for the next 5 years.  My room is big enough to have a couch and a tv, along with my work space and a bed, so It’s pretty big.  And last semester I realized that I was really unhappy with it’s layout, and so I decided to basically start from scratch.

Overall, it was a really good month! I love seeing my friends, and I got to do that a lot this August.


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