My ootd mantra

Hello again, and good morning to those who are up with me on this fine thursday morning.  It’s currently 6:30, and I’m on the bus heading to class.  Get used to it, because it’s still the first week and we’ve got way more to go. (I’m mostly just saying this to myself, but it also applies to anyone else who is getting out of bed and consuming their first cup of coffee before 6:30).

I was originally planning on writing about my goals for september this morning, but something much more important came up. Fashion.  Okay, maybe not much more important, but It’s a bit too early to talk about my goals. Anyway, the other day for class, I threw on a pair of jeans, my combat boots, a plain shirt and an oversized white cardigan.  I thought it would be fine, keeping things more casual than I normally would.  It’s school, and I know that, and I should be fine wearing something like that, right? Especially when surrounded with people who wear sweatpants and hoodies everyday, right? Oh how very wrong I was.

With the thousands of people I passed and glanced at all day, the one person who stood out to me was a girl with her beautiful brown hair straightened, wearing a pair of hunter boots and the beautiful J.Crew vest that I’ve been drooling after. 

And I had her in mind this morning when I was getting dressed (I guess more importantly I had her on my mind when I was laying out my outfit last night).  As much as I hoped I could have gone into this semester waking up and throwing on a pair of sweats and running out the door with my hair still in a messy bun from when I went to bed, and my  face makeup free, that’s not who I am.  Thankfully now I’m confident enough that I could do that, if I wanted to, but the thing is that’s not who I am.  I love doing my winged eyeliner every morning and wearing an outfit that is photo worthy.  My mantra?  If you wouldn’t do an instagram ootd in it, don’t wear it. 

I know some people (I have a few friends in this boat) who think it’s kind of shallow.  Who think getting up an hour earlier just to primp myself for the day is a waste of time.  But the way I see it is that nothing that makes you feel good about yourself is a waste of time.




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