What I learned from #GIRLBOSS

I wrote a little while ago about a book I was reading that was changing my life, and as you’ve guessed from the title that book is #GIRLBOSS.  Sophia Amoruso has struck gold – actually you know what?  No. She is the gold, and she has taught me that by being a #GIRLBOSS we all can be gold too. tumblr_nbdozhP1CC1qcvy8co1_1280

I originally thought that #GIRLBOSS would be more focused on her story and about how she created her business, and how I could create my own.  While I was partially right, she did share her success story, I didn’t walk away from her book with a business plan.  I walked away with a new attitude towards life, and getting shit done. 

There are countless things I picked up from reading #GIRLBOSS but the biggest one has really stuck with me: Throw yourself completely into every single thing you do.  Even if it’s just making a sandwich.  Seriously.  Don’t be the person that half asses their school assignments, their work, or their friendships.  Take everything you do seriously, because guess what: This is real life.  This is it. 

I highly suggest you go pick yourself up a copy of #GIRLBOSS, or download one onto your kindle. Just because I took this one thing away doesn’t mean you will.  There’s something for everyone in this book, and I just know I’ll be coming back to it in a few years to read again. 




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