I’ve always been a musical child.  I was a dancer, a singer, a pianist, and several other musical things.  And even though I didn’t stick with dance past the age of 13, and I’ve recently stopped tickling the ivories as much as I would like, I still find time to keep music in my life.  And right now, my favorite way to do this is through Musicals. IMG_4760

I am absolutely in love with musicals.  Listening to new ones, seeing new ones, downloading their soundtracks and jamming out to them while I get ready.  There is just something so unique and powerful by that protagonist belting out that number before the finale.  Not only are they amazing vocalists, but they can act and dance?  Talk about a triple threat!


Legally Blonde: The musical is probably my favorite musical of all time, and I know that’s weird because the musical itself is mediocre compared to bigger broadway productions, but it’s the story line and the jokes and the characters that get me.  There isn’t a single point in Legally Blonde where I glance down at my watch.  I laugh, and cry, and sing my entire way through that musical, and every time I see it I love it more.  Elle Woods, as ditzy she may seem, is one of my role models, and the musical is such a strong motivator for me to do well in school and to stay true to myself.  My mantra is basically “What would Elle Woods do?”


Other musicals that I’m in love with include Wicked, of course (seen it three times!), The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Aladdin (yes the 45 minute Aladdin that they play in Disneyland 6 times a day. I love it.)

What are your favorite musicals?



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