Me and Riding boots have a weird relationship.  I love them, they love me, but i wear them so often, and I’m so tough on my shoes that they only last me about a year each.  And that’s not very long.  Because of that, I’ve resorted to buying cheaper pairs on an annual basis, with the expectations to replace them fairly often.  When you get a pair of Maddens and they only last you around a year, things change.  There’s no more justifying a pair of boots that cost upward of $70.

While in Macy’s picking up a jacket that I had my eyes on, I fell in love with these boots.  Everything about them, but the price tag.  $375???  Ouch.  I’m not in the budget for that.   There were a similar pair by Band0lino for about $180.  Still too high considering I’ll probably be done with them in about 12 months. 

But then Target happened.  While running in to pick up a new setting powder and eyebrow pencil, I saw these.  Best part? $40.  Can that be any more perfect?  Sure they’re not quite as beautiful and stunning as the MK’s but for that price, who cares!   boots

(I’ll be the first to admit that the Target boots don’t look anywhere near as sharp, or beautiful, as the MK ones, but for a fraction of the price, I’m alright with that!)

Taking Preppy on a Budget to a whole new level.



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