Academic Motivation

I truly believe that the only way to succeed in something is to commit entirely and to know why you’re doing it.  Over the past summer, I have completely redefined my life and made it very clear to myself why I’m in school.  I always kind of knew I was in it because I wanted a future, and I knew the general direction I wanted to go, but now I basically have a 7 year  plan all sorted out, and here are the things that have motivated me towards beating the average and landing my name on the deans list.66a66902dd32fc13fbac2c0260dcf420

1. Law school
Law school is my dream, and this is one of the biggest motivators I have.  I want so desperately to have my grades high enough to be accepted into the programs of my choice. I’m in school to study law, and I know the GPA I need, so I’m going to get it.

2. To be ‘that girl’
I was never the smart girl in high school.  I was never the hard worker who had her life together. I never applied to be a part of a million extracurricular activities, or won any awards for anything I’ve done. But I want that to change. I want my rep to be so pristine and stellar that it’s impossible to ignore me.

3. Because life starts now.
There’s no ‘I’ll work harder tomorrow’ because it’s already tomorrow.  I’m not in high school anymore, and I’m not in some in between of school and ‘real life’. This is real life now. My GPA follows me, and so does my reputation.  Everything I do, or neglect to do, speaks to my character.  My actions define who I am, or who I’m becoming, and that doesn’t start ‘tomorrow’.

4. ‘Free’ tuition
My school has a fairly good financial aid program, and if I’m to bring up my GPA and apply for some scholarships, they’ll provide me with quite the financial aid.  It’s a way to reward students for their academic achievements, and let’s be real, any financial aid is a lot of motivation.


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  1. Great perspective, sometimes you need to take a step back and rethink why you’re doing it in the first place. It’s impossible to do ten things well, you spread yourself too thin. It’s important to pick out a handful and get after them. Glad you found law school and you know why you’re there! Hard work pays off.

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