September Round Up.

Here we are, at the first of a new month.  December and the end of the year is in sight, and along with some help from friends (and pumpkin spiced lattes), I know we can all do it.  IMG_5772

I was really unsure about how September was going to treat me this year, but even though I was waking up at the crack of dawn a few times a week, and spending a long time on the bus for my commute, things went surprisingly well.  September was filled with seeing friends and dedicating myself to who I want to be.  I’m doing well in school for the most part, and more importantly, I’m enjoying it!  IMG_5775

As a whole, september has been a surprisingly good month, balance wise.  I make sure that I always have all of my homework done, and I’m constantly doing readings and review, but I’m also making time for friends and for exercise even while working!  I really am living a balanced life, and wow is it amazing.    Additionally,  I feel like this september I have been extremely consistent with putting together good outfits!  I very rarely leave the house unless I’m wearing something I wouldn’t feature on the blog!  Hopefully when my new iphone arrives (EEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!) I’ll be able to do more ootds and such.





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