Having a Productive (working) weekend!

This is the first semester in over a year that I’ve had the weekends free.  I made sure I don’t take any shifts on the weekend (with the exceptions here and there), and I don’t have class on weekends either.  It’s amazing.  I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on by not having a Monday – Friday week.  Man it’s nice to say TGIF and mean it. But with that having been said, I still need to work on the weekends.  A lot.  I treat myself to sleeping in as late as I need (usually around 12 hours), and then I wake up, spend about an hour on Social Media, and then get down to work with a cup of coffee.


We’re about 1/3 of the way through the semester, which means term paper deadlines are coming up, and presentations are piling up too.  The work load is consistent and I need to start really putting my all into my weekends, so naturally I’ve put together a list of things that help me do my best work!

1) Clear off your desk. I seriously can’t work in a messy environment, so I always think that it’s worth it too clear off my desk before I jump into my work so I’m not distracted later on!

2) Make a list of all the things you need to do, in prioritized order. To do lists are pretty much the most amazing things ever, and since nothing is more satisfying that crossing something off, by having a list right there, it totally motivates me to get shit done.

3) Put on some music (that you can work to). Currently I’m loving Ariana Grande and Ed Sheerans albums, so I keep those on and work!  I can’t listen to new music when I’m working because I get distracted, and whenever I’m really in a pinch, the Good Wife soundtrack (season 5) is pretty much amazing for getting pumped up and concentrated.

4) Full screen your browser and turn on ‘SelfControl’.  If you’re on a Mac and don’t have Self Control downloaded, what are you doing?  It’s an app that will block your browser from connecting to a website for a certain amount of time.  You set up your ‘blacklist’ of websites, decide how long you want to be blocker out, and hit start.  I block myself from facebook, twitter, tumblr and youtube!  I should probably block myself from bloglovin’ too while I’m at it, though! 

5) Take breaks. Weekends are long, and they’re still weekends even if you’re drowning in readings.  If I don’t take regular breaks then I burn out.  Simple as that!


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