Freshly Painted nails

Recently I’ve become obsessed with nails.  More specifically, I’ve become obsessed with nail polish, constantly painting them, and making sure that they’re perfect.   I used to be the kind of person who painted my nails maybe once a week, and then let them chip off, but recently that hasn’t been working out for me.


I’ve gotten into the habit of painting my nails ever few days, or however often I feel like I need to redo them.  Having freshly manicured nails, and looking down at them while typing really just calms me and makes me feel more pampered and put together!

Before, I thought that I never had time to repaint my nails.  That I wouldn’t be able to do anything while waiting for them to dry, but I’ve found that it really doesn’t take that long.  Between taking old nail polish, doing two coats, and then a top coat, it only takes about 15 minutes.  You know what 15 minutes is perfect for?  Taking a study break.  I like to have my nails drying while watching a few youtube videos.

Any great drugstore polishes I should check out for the season?


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