This morning I walked 7 minutes to my local UPS access point and picked up my new iPhone 6. I’ve only had it for a few hours but I’m officially in love.
Before this I had a 4s and while they’re great phones, I had cracked the screen for w second time (going right through the camera) and I wasn’t about to have spent $200 on a phone screen. So I decided to save and invest into something more. When I made the decision to upgrade, I thought I would wait for the 6 to be released and buy the 5s for a bit cheaper. But on September 9 that plan changed. The differences between the 4s and the 5s were minimal, but the 6 was enough to justify it. In my opinion, anyway. The huge screen, the improved camera, the rounded edges? Yes please! And now I’m able to take selfies again! (I’m also pretty sure the front camera quality is as good, or even better, than the back camera on the 4s)
I picked up a case at a kiosk in the mall, just so I could have something to protect it before I invest in an otterbox or something more expensive and intense.
Here’s to better blog pictures and more snapchats!



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